Captains Log - Nov 27

Bali, the land of surf sun volcanos and shit head Aussie & British youth. The trip to Bali was long with a 17 hour layover in China then followed by a 5 hour flight from China to Bali with me leaving SeaTac Nov 20th at 1 pm and finally getting into Bali at 12 AM Nov 23rd. With all this travel and time difference I wanted to make sure I had a few nights to rest up and get use to the heat, by the by its hot here and has been raining off an on most days. The area I'm staying in is call Kuta, it appears to be the most popular easy place to come party and fuck off pool side, I originally was at COCO warung which was a very laid back place with a $8 double bed room and included with the room was breakfast everyday. It seems every place here has a pool and i spend the first few days at COCO soaking in the sun and learning to chill the fuck out which for me is not the easiest thing. The past few years I have had a wild personal life with my brother needing a double lung transplant and me having some realizations with how easy it is to get a woman pregnant. My public life has been full of clothing store parties, being part of social movements, and getting my head around my business ventures. With all these things pulling at my attention I have been wanting to escape for a while and Bali has always been high on my list. The island life is very appealing as is the "nomad" life style which for someone like my self who wants to mix art/social movement/counter culture/business as well as see the world and maintain my international kool kid status me being here in Bali mixing with all these internationals is a good idea.... If most of them weren't just here to chain smoke cigs and get wasted while listen to EDM. I am here on a mission to spread the good words of PEACE LOVE POLYREV and try and get some clothing & jewelry made and in the process expand the movement. I had a experience here in Bali the other night on my way back from watching a UFC at a horrible sports bar, me and two other pals i made heard loud beautiful music floating down from a second story bar as we walked back to our hostel. The bar appeared to be a locals joint and not to my surprise once we walked in it was just that, we had one of those movie moments in which all the ppl turn around at once and the music stops and they are all thinking to them selves why are these ppl here? 2 seconds into the death glance everyone was giving us the music kept going and the locals brought a few chairs up and a table appeared and we sat right smack dab in from of the small stage. Three balinese men played songs over a small PA system and soon they began to do covers of pop songs and these covers aren't just karaoke these are true blue musical renditions and the sound they collectively made was pure balinese and pure magic. I walk around during the day and get over stimulated with folks trying to sell you everything or ask if you needed a ride but this night we had a pure local experience. I remember thinking to myself it feels amazing to be present in the present, no live streaming no cellphone service to get in my way although I did get some voice recordings of the performance, i tried to snap a few pictures and take video an it failed and that was mainly because the place was dark and it would not come out right. Keep it casual my friends, Fidel signing out