The hostel tour guide was explaining to us what areas to go check out, he circled them on a map an said "wait to go to the national monument" the others looked on in half confusion half not giving a shit. I understood exactly why, I said "they are having demonstrations right?" He replied "yes, you are American so you may want to stay away" the reality didn't set in until later when our cab driver pulled up to the main street and I see 2 scooters buzz past with young men holding black and white and white and black flags with what seems to be some Muslim script. The more we drive the more I see Palestine flags and more of these black flags with white writing, The more I also see Indonesians in conservative Muslim garb and again more groups of young men waving these flags. As a American of color who didn't vote for trump and had stood against him and his BS legislation I agree with them, but would they understand that I am a comrade ? Would they care that I am part Indonesian ? My saving grace here is my brown skin and ambigious features that help me blend in, but of course I dressed up with a LBJ Stetson 3 inch brimmed hat my tomato soup Andy Warhol chucks and of course my signature death machine rider PolyRev tee. So although I may be able to fit in because of my skin I look I dress like a cowboy clown in their eyes. I'm taking the hat off and going to store it in my bag for now, tonight we are going to a block party put on by @De La House which is the indo version of @Soulection who btw is playing this block party also. We arrive at the mall area the and German girls I am teamed up with for the day wanted to go to and I ask them if they noticed all the young men waving flags on the way to the mall. I have to mention that I am asking them this as we are going to a mall that has a metal detector and X-ray machine that's scans any bags you may have. Jakarta has a sense of security that probably is just normal to everyone from here but to me it's a sign of the religious and economic divide. The mall is HUGE and has many many levels and everything you can think of. The interesting thing is that I see a add that "gone with the wind" is playing at the cinema here in the mall and the whole feel is very 1950's Americana, they have old posters from the golden area of film put up and Old blue eyes is playing over speakers throughout the mall. You cannot go 5 steps without some reminder that Christmas is around the corner and it seems America's capitalistic holiday spending culture has worked its way into the largest Muslim country in the world even as they are burning flags at the national monument the all mighty dollar is slowing taking over.

The party was racking, Being surrounded by Indonesians is a good feeling, most of the concert attendees were young and hip with all the trappings the modern American Kool kid has but without the need to stick out and be Kool in a corner solo doing it strictly for the gram. I will say most of these folks did know each other or so  seemed like. The block party had two areas, one inside one outside, outside being the main stage area with more room and a speaker system to make the sound god jello. The inside area was smaller but also went longer into the night, while standing inside listening to a guy spin some kaytranada a indo guy starts to chat with me in dutch and I cannot comprehend what he is saying and soon he can see that I'm not catching on, remember this whole time I have a LBJ Stetson on soooo he can prob tell I'm Not a local. He begins to speak English and we hit it off, he thought I was Dutch so as you can imagine he spoke Dutch to me and although he Is not incorrect, I am mainly Freaky deaky Dutch it was very frowned upon in American to speak anything but English so growing up my mom never taught me any Dutch and that part of our history has some haze to it but I ramble. @Jeftuz is this new friends name and he DJ's and is playing at 9 at the main stage, what really sticks out to me is the fact that I was interacting with all these ppl who I didn't know but had access to in a very close group of friends tight knit community way and sure enough one of my influences walks right by me and stops. Mother lovin Joe Kay from Soulection himself, fucking smooth talking beat mashing culture creatin eclectic souls forgotten gems ass joe Kay. Calmly I said what up and we dap each other up, I introduce myself and we chat. It felt good to dap someone up who felt familiar and I mean familiar not cuz we know each other but familiar as in we exist in a similar way and want to facilitate the culture. The way @soulection brings folks from all over into one space to vibe out in different ways to the same wave length is magic, it's what we strive to do with PolyRev, the ability joe has to play music and grab your attention and have everyone jumping and moving as one is a sign from Creator, a sign that ... we gunna be alright

Pro tip: everyone daps each other up in different ways but you can categorize them into a few different stereotypes
1. Island surfer/skate which is a slap skin pound it and how ever you do it go a little slower it shows that you are laid back
2. palm to palm hand shake with a arm around pat on the back...haha fuck these are hard to explain and sound weird, this is the one that mainly ppl do in the states or In Tacoma and it shows a familiarity and some what kinship
3. When in Indonesian tap the heart with the right hand after what ever shake you do as a sign of respect.  I've been mixing all these up into a new free flowing form
4. My favorite and the shake typically that the only gets used with close homie, you go to shake hands but you beat the hand away and do a quick bro hug, also like you are saying we are beyond that and we just hug it out my G

Back to the party,  After talking with the soulection fam the party began and believe me I could talk about it for so long but just know it was amazing. The homie @jeftuz killed it and I see why he travels around the globe playing music and shout out the @143 homies from LA and of course the @Soulection crew for rocking it. Wild cuz they all played some of the same songs but sooo good to hear them in different ways and mixed into sets to give a familiar vibe but with energy all it's own each time the same song was played.

Pro tip: get a burner you can put a SIM cards into while abroad

 It's a new day and im trying to explain to the taxi driver where to go while he drives in the chaos and I use my maps.me app. This taxi rides end location was a clothing shop called @ELHAUS, I marked it in my map and because of the wild traffic it was easiest to get dropped off a little ways away from the location. Not thinking anything of it because I have a my trusty map app that will help me and like that I set of.... I spent 3 hours walking around asking ppl if they knew this shop and showing them the address to get nothing. I only gave up because it started to get dark out and I didn't want to be lost in the dark in Jakarta. This place has a go go go mentality that makes the rat race of America jealous, but here everyone is very chilled about it and although they honk constantly it's to let everyone else know what they are doing. My scooter drivers have all weaved in and out and between buses and cars in a way that seems way more efficient than everyone waiting in line and no one cutting like we do in the states. Imagine if LA, a place with little to no rain were to adopt the south East Asian scooter style. Less pollution, more folks getting around and to places on time, less accidents, possibly less road rage. It takes around 2 hours to get back to the hostel and by time I do I eat and catch up on social media and commence to shut the brain and body down for the day.

Today I'm going to set out and try and see this shop again I think, I may also check out some of the national Monuments and the old Colonial area as well as find that clothing shop. Well hours upon hours later I can tell you that the mission was half successful, basically it was a total win but I didn't get a chance to see the monuments or the old area but I did get to @elhaus and got to chat it up with some of the local guys who help with elhaus brand and own the shop in which elhaus just moved into. It seems the brand is focusing on its internet presence rather than its physical location which is something I have thought about for days on end. To be honest the Internet and Ig specifically made me really interested in this brand, I did notice a few folks wearing pieces at the da la house event so I know they were the brand I should try and connect with. I ended up getting the guys to bring all the pieces they had in my size out of the back stocking area and had my own showing basically, I settled on the exact piece I wanted but In a XL which in Indonesian sizes is a tad too big. Once I get back to the states and have to deal with the cold I'll put a hoodie on under and all will be good. They had a few additional pieces I wanted to buy but they said they are only are selling them online and it's probably for the best I didn't get any more, my duffle and back is for sure going to thank me. Until next time PEACE LOVE POLYREV





Canggu Living & First Death Machine Ride

Halo! Greetings from Bali. So, I am now in Canggu which is a beach Ex-Pat area north of the madness that is Kuta. This area is very island vibe-ish and has tourists for sure but also a bunch of people who have moved here and started businesses and put down roots. This very moment i am at DUES Temple of Enthusiasm which is a clothing store moto shop restaurant bar chill area. This place is a big reason why I choose to come trip out in Bali for a while. They have built a atmosphere here that speaks to me, mixing bikes and clothing and the surf beach life style is everything a guy like me could want. Part of what I want to do with Polyrev is mix some aspects that they have here and add the counter culture vibe of protesting and basically being a rebel with a cause. The first night I arrives I found myself in southern California at a skateboarding pool jam with a live band and a bar.... This place has people from all over the world and those folks bring flavors they have here and it makes for a great scene. This morning I had coffee with a nice young gal that like myself is Dutch Indo and she and i got to talking, I blessed her with a shirt which is the polyrev custom when you are abroad and meet like minds. She said that this is a great place for me to be and I am excited to get creative and mingle. One thing I always want to do while I am away is do guerrilla art to promote the brand and movement, but being in a land in which I do not know the law and customs that could possibly lead to issues and that is just more shit for me to bring with and i am a fucking pack mule as it is. One of the things I did take with me this trip is my Simpson moto helmet and now I am just going to assume you are thinking WTF mate why did you do that and i will tell you.

A. It's a fucking kool ass helmet and I look bad ass which is Rule one (Always look kool)

B. If I'm going to be riding death machines here in loco ass Bali which has very little road laws I personally will plan for the worst possible out come which would be to crash. The most important thing after my good looks is my brain and having a good ass helmet here in Bali will ensure that I keep my brain in one piece. 

C. The head protection here is laxed and you see hella ppl not even wearing helmets and the ones that give you at the rental places are basically a hard had with straps. 

This is a perfect sway to start talking about the Death Machine Ride I embarked on yesterday. Btw Death Machines are motor cycles, scooters, horses, and basically most powerful means of transportation. So my travel pal, "jono" who is from Perth AUS and a very kool cat, and I snagged two scooters from the hostel we are staying at and heading on a hour and half long ride up from the coast to a Unesco World Heritage site called Jatiluwish. This are is mountain side terraced rice field with a clear view of Mt. Agung which has let out all of it's rage and is now just blowing off hot steam. Imagine riding up a winding mountain road that is engulfed in thick jungle, winding back and forth sometimes getting a second or two view of the valley below, sometimes passing by small farming communities with dogs and chickens in the street and children plating in near by yards, then you pop out and get the first actual view of how high you are, the peaks of the mountain are hugged by clouds and as you glance down you see a valley with slopes etched out and made into terraced rice fields. HaHa I'm here trying to flex my writing as much as i can to give you a verbal picture of what I experienced. The site can't be described fully in its glory by me, it isn't just the images its the head and the altitude and the smells that all come together perfectly to make this spot so epic. A big part of this experience i had was due to the fact that I was on a death machine and if you have never rode i highly encourage you to have someone take you for a ride or say fuck it and get a license and start exploring for yourself. When you are on a bike you feel... you feel the wind and the air around you, you smell dead animals and sometimes weed and its sensory dose of drugs and sex and adrenaline and all at the same time you get a clarity of the mind, its becomes second nature and i personally get into a meditation wave length. Now with all that said riding in the city is danger danger danger and you need to watch for cars and all the other BS. I did some audio recording to share with y'all about how the jungle and rice fields sound as well as beach and all the other cool shit Ihave been experiencing. Thats a wrap, fuck off mate and ill catch y'all on the flip side 

Captains Log - Nov 27

Bali, the land of surf sun volcanos and shit head Aussie & British youth. The trip to Bali was long with a 17 hour layover in China then followed by a 5 hour flight from China to Bali with me leaving SeaTac Nov 20th at 1 pm and finally getting into Bali at 12 AM Nov 23rd. With all this travel and time difference I wanted to make sure I had a few nights to rest up and get use to the heat, by the by its hot here and has been raining off an on most days. The area I'm staying in is call Kuta, it appears to be the most popular easy place to come party and fuck off pool side, I originally was at COCO warung which was a very laid back place with a $8 double bed room and included with the room was breakfast everyday. It seems every place here has a pool and i spend the first few days at COCO soaking in the sun and learning to chill the fuck out which for me is not the easiest thing. The past few years I have had a wild personal life with my brother needing a double lung transplant and me having some realizations with how easy it is to get a woman pregnant. My public life has been full of clothing store parties, being part of social movements, and getting my head around my business ventures. With all these things pulling at my attention I have been wanting to escape for a while and Bali has always been high on my list. The island life is very appealing as is the "nomad" life style which for someone like my self who wants to mix art/social movement/counter culture/business as well as see the world and maintain my international kool kid status me being here in Bali mixing with all these internationals is a good idea.... If most of them weren't just here to chain smoke cigs and get wasted while listen to EDM. I am here on a mission to spread the good words of PEACE LOVE POLYREV and try and get some clothing & jewelry made and in the process expand the movement. I had a experience here in Bali the other night on my way back from watching a UFC at a horrible sports bar, me and two other pals i made heard loud beautiful music floating down from a second story bar as we walked back to our hostel. The bar appeared to be a locals joint and not to my surprise once we walked in it was just that, we had one of those movie moments in which all the ppl turn around at once and the music stops and they are all thinking to them selves why are these ppl here? 2 seconds into the death glance everyone was giving us the music kept going and the locals brought a few chairs up and a table appeared and we sat right smack dab in from of the small stage. Three balinese men played songs over a small PA system and soon they began to do covers of pop songs and these covers aren't just karaoke these are true blue musical renditions and the sound they collectively made was pure balinese and pure magic. I walk around during the day and get over stimulated with folks trying to sell you everything or ask if you needed a ride but this night we had a pure local experience. I remember thinking to myself it feels amazing to be present in the present, no live streaming no cellphone service to get in my way although I did get some voice recordings of the performance, i tried to snap a few pictures and take video an it failed and that was mainly because the place was dark and it would not come out right. Keep it casual my friends, Fidel signing out